LCC the first week

Since I started to study at the Lcc, it has been one week.During the five days,teachers led us to study skills tool box for design and media studies.There are many workshops and facilities in the Lcc and they are available ┬áto students, such as library, photography,printing and so on.There are some book shelves that can move in the area of the news and journals.It’s so cool.


And I found that Lcc have many different lights when I took the ‘looking up’ photos.And some ceiling are made up from glasses.We can see the sky.

And there are something interesting at the Lcc.And at the some handrails, you can see some doodles.And when you see outside of the windows, you can see natural life around you.


I think that I can find more interesting things at the Lcc in the future.


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