toolbox inductions

¬† We have many courses about different toolbox ¬†inductions.I am interested in screen printing and letterpress.Maybe it’s very related to graphic design.

Screen printing is a printing technique . In my view ,it’s a traditional method to print, but it’s interesting and cool.In the lesson ,the teacher taught us to use two colours to print a picture.Screen printing looks easy to handle but actually when you want to use it to print your own images, it needs many processes and time.


Letterpress is also a traditional method to print.It was first invented in China,the movable type.It’s also interesting and cool.But ,I think that it’s not easy to use compared to the screen printing.Letterpress has many types,such as metal type and wood type and so on.Before you start to print ,you need do many preparations to verify whether your letters are in right way and whether they are fixed.

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