My postcode is SW13. It’s very far away from my accommodation and the centre of London.But this is the reason why I chose the postcode.I found it at the map.As I expected ,there are a quiet town.There are many ways to reach the town.I arrived here by foot at the first time.It’s so tired.And I also try to arrive there by bus, underground and train.

It’s a very good and comfortable place to live or have a holiday. The air is very fresh.There are many ponds and parks.And what I am interested is the plants.There are many kinds of plants.Although I don’t know their name,their colour and shape are very various .When you walked at the street in the town, it was a real walk.You don’t need to hurry.At the weekend,people will walk with their friends and their family, even the pet at the park.They chatted with each other at the grass and enjoyed their picnic.

London wetland centre has been the postcode.And I visited the place.There are many kinds of ducks and wild life about wetland and many plants. I collected my different leaves and flowers. When it comes to the town, I will think of some words, such as ‘wild’,’plants’,’green’,’life’ and so on.

In the Barnes, I saw a variety of leaves,different shapes, different colours.They gave me inspiration to develop my idea.I also want to add a word ‘leave’.Actually,it’s fallen leave.In China,there is an idiom ‘fallen leaves return to roots’. In other words, it means getting home.I did something about typography because the colourful glass windows of church in the Barnes.

But what I confused is how to make a poster.I have words.But I don’t know how to put the picture or items with the words.




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